The Summer

by Opiate Eyes

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released 04 July 2011


All songs written and performed by Opiate Eyes

Opiate Eyes is
Drew Bond
Roland David
Tom Essex
Thomas King
Caleb Mahoney
Dan Ryan

Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Tom Essex
at Skinny Records at Warehouse Studios

Painting by Devin Balara

Photos are stills from Essex family footage

Design and layout by Tom Essex

A Skinny Records release

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all rights reserved


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Skinny Records Jacksonville, Florida

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Track Name: On the Road
We're going to take a trip. We'll go out to the West. We gave the East a try. It's time to see the rest. We'll hear the stories told. We'll watch the road unfold. We'll coast the cruise control all the way to Mexico. We'll throw cervezas back, then we'll get back on track. We'll find the Promised Land. Let's go there. We'll watch the girls go by. We'll hear the music flow. This is the beaten path. It's all we really know. We'll find the one true friend. We'll try to reach the end. What are we looking for when we go on the road?
Track Name: Seven Weeks
I'm shortsighted. There aren't too many long hauls beneath my belt I am preoccupied.
She said, "Now, do you want me, or are you comfortable with this routine? There it is."
After seven weeks, I am counting on the questioning. There it is, and there I go. You call me small. I don't have room to argue. I just make fun. I guess there's room to improve. You're one to talk, a boat floating in between two docks. With a gun mounted on, you just spin around firing rounds. There you are. You got me still.
Track Name: The Summer
I'm probably not going to catch the summer flick. I'm not too drawn by outcomes that I can predict. I'm going to shoot the night and chase the day, and wonder, always wonder. The summer is here. You're coming with me. We're coming together. You know that we can. I'm not going to deny how I feel. I'm going to love you with a summer zeal. I'm poured into the sea and there are waves of you when I wonder, always wonder. Lay me down in the sand. Beads of sweat. Take my hand. Could this spot be remote enough for us to come together? The summer is here. What have I done? I'm going to sink into the sun.